The scientific research undertaken by the Maritime University of Szczecin has resulted in many (international) projects implemented under the following programmes: EURATOM - 7th Framework Programme, Baltic Sea Region, South Baltic, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme - The Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, ERA NET Transport III, BONUS 185, Polish-Norwegian Research Cooperation or in commissioned works sponsored by the private sector. If you are looking for partners for your international projects, search the database below and get in contact with us as soon as posssible.

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Name, Lastname Faculty
dr Justyna Lemke Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering   Institute of Transport Engineering
dr inż. Tomasz Dudek Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering   Institute of Transport Management
mgr inż. Mateusz Bilewski Faculty of Navigation   Marine Traffic Engineering Centre
dr inż. Łukasz Nozdrzykowski Faculty of Navigation   Institute of Marine Technologies

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