Centre of Marine Technology Transfer (former International Cooperation Office)

Officially launched on 1st December 2010, CMTT is mainly responsible for commercialisation of academic research conducted by Maritime University of Szczecin. Simultaneously, the Centre fulfils also the mission of former International Cooperation Office.

Main tasks of CMTT comprise:
  1. In terms of technology transfer, CMTT is responsible for organising legal background (internal acts, regulations, contract templates related to intellectual property protection) together with patent and research databases;
  2. Negotiating contract terms with research teams (authors) and Polish Entrepreneurship Fund;
  3. Consultation, both with research teams and individuals, to present them with different paths of research commercialisation;
  4. Organising conferences and seminars related to technology transfer / research commercialisation;
  5. Monitoring of possibilities to participate in EU funded programmes;
  6. Carrying out information campaign among MUS employees on participation possibilities in numerous EU funded projects and programmes;
  7. Managing or facilitating implementation of externally funded projects;
  8. Initiating and maintaining cooperation with foreign institutions;
  9. Managing international exchange of students and lecturers within international educational programmes;
  10. Running the Information Centre of EU Framework programmes;
  11. Representing MUS in international cooperation networks;
  12. Organising foreign visitors' time during their visits to MUS;
  13. Arranging and financial settling of MUS employees' business trips abroad.

Waly Chrobrego 1-2, 70-500 Szczecin (main bulding)
rooms 24-26, 101
tel. +48 91 4809 345/322
fax. +48 91 4809 322
webpage: www.cttm.am.szczecin.pl
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.