On 14.04.2010 at the Navigational Faculty Council the Dean Jerzy Hajduk handed in the Ministry of Infrastructure Prize to Kamil Tarnowski, a second year student of SeaTransport, for his outstanding sport results in rowing. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
On 26.04.2010 at the Faculty of Transport and Electrical Engineering of the Technical University of Radom an open PhD thesis defense of Zbigniew Krawczyk MSc was held. The thesis dealt with “Mobile sensor nets applied to early warning and road accident prevention.
The analysis of the amount of data coming from monitoring navigational systems (e.g. AIS Baltic system), as well as the research carried out by means of simulating models based on Monte Carlo method, call for more computational power, which can not be provided by working stations based on PC systems.
On 17-18.03.2010 at the premises of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. an international seminar on the Baltic Master II project was held. The seminar was devoted to ballast water and sediment management (Ballast Water and Sediment Management). Maritime University of Szczecin is a partner actively participating in the BM2 program.
On 18.03.2010 in the Ministry of Infrastructure a seminar devoted to the flag project of Polish maritime administration entitled „Create a Network of Centers of Excellence for Maritime Training” was held.
The concept of the project assumes its realization due to EU financial means and its countries active participation. The meeting was attended by Maritime Universities of Gdynia and Szczecin. Our university was represented by the Vice-Rector Przemyslaw Rajewski, the director of INM - Janusz Uriasz, the director of ITESO - Pawel Krause and a specialist of project management - Magda Markiewicz.
The Institute of Marine Navigation takes the honor to invite to the opening ceremony of PISCES 2, a simulator for modeling oil spills, which will take place on 19.03.2010 at 11:30 in room 212
From 04 -05.03.2010 the next Workshop of the ZEUS INTEGRATED SYSTEM OF TRANSPORT SAFETY PROJECT was held in the Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw.
On 05.03.2010 in the main building of the Warsaw University of Technology the Forum of Higher Institution PhD Curia Electors was held.
On 16 – 18.06.2010, in Vilnius (Lithuania) the consequtive conference International Radar Symposium – IRS 2010, attended by a few hundreds of scientists, students and world industry representatives, was held. Most participants came from Poland and Germany.