On 10-11.03.2011 in Norway, Oslo, within the frames of Clean Baltic Sea Shipping (Turn of Tide in the Use of Fuels in Shipping in the Baltic Sea) a seminar attended also by a group of Polish specialists (from the Ministry of Infrastructure, MU of Gdynia and MU of Szczecin) was organized. Its objective was the presentation of the concept of LNG applied to marine propulsion systems, which became a mater of real interest for over 50 participating scientists, researchers and ship owners, which means hope for the development of LNG projects dealing with this issue.

The Project is realized within the Baltic Sea Program 2007-2013 Project heralds Clean Shipping Strategy and new Energy Solutions for Shipping. At the meeting Prof. Lucjan Gucma gave a presentation entitled ‘The development of LNG terminal in Poland’.
The Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Maritime University of Szczecin is announcing a competition for a post of an associate professor at the Chair of Geo-informatics in the discipline of Geodesy and Cartography.
The Dean of the Faculty of Navigation is announcing an open competition for the post of a trainee assistant at the Institute of Marine Traffic Engineering at the Department of Navigational Equipment, the Faculty of Navigation of the Maritime University of Szczecin.


are announcing

  Marta Schoeneich, MSc’s

 ‘Probabilistic method of determining keel water reserve during a ship entering the port decision making process’



On 11.02. 2011, at the headquarters of the Polish SAR in Gdynia/ Polskiej Morskiej Służby Poszukiwania i Ratownicatwa w Gdyni/ the consultation of the partner project ‘Create a Network of Centers of Excellence for Maritime Training’ was held. Janusz Uriasz, the head of ITM of the Maritime University of Szczecin, participated in the meeting.
On 2-3.03.2011, a meeting of the Baltic Strategy committee controlling the 13th priority was held in Copenhagen. At the seminar, attended also by our university representatives, Vice Rector for Teaching, Przemysław Rajewski, the head of IIRM, Lucjan Gucma and the head of ITM Janusz Uriasz, the priority coordinators, that is maritime administrations of Denmark and Finland, summed up the current achievements.
Resolutions of the Council of the Faculty of Navigation of MUS passed on 02.03.2011.
On 21.02.2011 at the Faculty of Navigation, the workshop concerning the project „Create a Network of Centers of Excellence for Maritime Training” was held.
The seminar was attended by the representatives of the Danish Maritime School SIMAC, maritime offices from Gdynia and Szczecin, Polish SAR service and a team of MUS, responsible for the preparation of its application.

The Faculty of Navigation of MU is launching a SEP – Training: operation of electrical devices up to 1 kV for both research and technical workers dealing with electrical appliances.

The University of Ljubljana (our partner university) is organizing:


On 10.02.2011 in Gdańsk at PRS office the meeting of (COMSAR), International Maritime Organization (IMO), was held. Wiesław Salmonowicz, PhD, Master Mariner and Andrzej Lisaj, PhD, attended the meeting.

On 25.01.2011 at the Warsaw  Centre of IT Promotion a seminar on practical application of IT tools including GIS in crisis management and rescue operations.

At the seminar IT solutions, mainly tools application, including GIS, were presented. The lectures concerning capabilities of modelling flood range, anti-crisis support and city rescue operation management, satellite methods of crisis management. Speakers presented theoretical, conceptual and practical approach to the use of GIS methods and techniques. The seminar attendance was realized within the frame of ‘Geo-informatics system securing seaward port protecting operations. Our university was represented by Jacek Łubczonek, PhD.

The Central Commission for Titles and Degrees made the decision about the Faculty of Navigation’s entitlement to confer the doctoral degree in the discipline of transport starting from 20.12.2010. So far the Faculty of Navigation has had the right to confer the doctoral degree in the discipline of geodesy and cartography.
On 02.02.2011, at the Council of the Faculty of Navigation meeting, the following resolutions were carried out:
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w Szczecinie On 27-28.01.2011 in Paris, within the frames of the MARSIC Project (Enhancing MARitime Security and safety through Information sharing and Capacity building) the steering committee meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France. The Project members are a group of maritime safety experts from France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Poland and Sweden. The MU was represented by Maciej Gucma, PhD. The project’s objective is enhancing maritime security policy in the Gulf of Aden and it is steered by the European Commission within the frames of EC Instrument for Stability (REGULATION No 1717/2006 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 15 November 2006 and the MARSIC contract Ref. EUROPEAID/ IfS/2010/246-805). Apart from EC, IMO, which in 2009 initiated so called DCoC (Djibouti Code of Conduct), directly related to MARSIC, is one of the partners supporting the activity for the sake of fighting terrorism in the Gulf of Aden. MU, participating in the project, is expected to provide trainings in Djibouti and Yemen. The project website and related news available at: EDUMAR, WWW.