The Faculty of Navigation, as a part of its cooperation with the West Pomeranian Regional Sailing Association and the Professor Jerzy Stelmach Maritime Science Centre, has joined the activity of the Children's University - Szczecin School of Cabin Boys

The activity of the University will focus on development and increasing knowledge and interests of young students (aged 9-12) in many fields of science, including in particular marine sciences and sailing. The ceremonial signing of the agreement took place on 08.06.2018 in the nautical scenery of the Sailing Centre with participation of the West Pomerania Province Marshal, Olgierd Geblewicz and the Deputy Mayor of Szczecin, Krzysztof Soska as well as guests from MUS, WPUT and the Sailing Centre. The person in charge of the project on the side of the Maritime Science Centre (MSC) is Patrycja Skrobacka - the MSC education specialist, while the Cabin Boys' School Coordinator on the side of the West Pomeranian Sailing Association will be Wiesław Seidler, who has been involved in the Szczecin maritime education of children and youth for many years. At the beginning, the classes and practical workshops of the Cabin Boys' School will be held e.g. in Stara Rzeźnia and, in November, in the simulators of the Maritime University. The signatory of the agreement on the side of MUS was the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Paweł Zalewski, DSc. Eng. Professor of MUS.

The Dean of the Faculty of Navigation and Marta Barańska, MSc. from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport were also guests of the "Welcome Meeting” on board of STS "Fryderyk Chopin” on 04.09.2018. From autumn to spring, "Fryderyk Chopin" remains abroad, sailing to the Caribbean and back with participants of the Blue School, whereas, in the summer, it sails in individual sign-up journeys on European waters, including the annual participation in The Tall Ships Races. This year, during The Tall Ships Races 2018 finals, the official youth representation of Szczecin was awarded the title of "The best crew in the parade" and "Fryderyk Chopin" finished the regattas in the 2nd place in class A. This time, it came to Szczecin with the trainees from the Inland Navigation School Complex in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. On 03 September the students visited MUS.
More information available at:„fryderyk-chopin-był-w-szczecinie-rusza-na-rok-na-atlanty


Fotografie: W. Seidler