We are pleased to announce that following the decision of 17th November 2017 of the Index Copernicus International Scientific Evaluation Team, the publishing quality of the Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin has been evaluated as higher which is expressed by the ICV 2016 index of 90.35.

For comparison, in the previous three years, the indices were respectively: in 2014 the ICV 2013 = 6.16 (64.38 according to the new methodology); in 2015 the ICV 2014 = 7.76 (79.38 according to the new methodology); in 2016 the ICV 2015 = 87.49.

Thus, in the period mentioned, the index has increased by 42.5%. It must be emphasised here that the constant improvement of our magazine’s publishing quality is a result of hard work of the editorial team, members of the scientific board, reviewers, and current and previous university authorities through their policy supporting the development of our quarterly.