On 16th March 2017, certificates of completion of the AutoCAD-advanced course were handed in at the Institute of Marine Navigation. The training covered sixty hours of practical classes in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) computer aided design. The training conducted by the lecturer and instructor Waldemar Kostrzewa, PhD (CadSoft) was organised and coordinated  by the Institute of Marine Navigation.

The following members of academic staff from the Faculty of Navigation, the Institute of Marine Navigation, the Institute of Marine Traffic Engineering and the Marine Traffic Engineering Centre took part in the training:

  • Andrzej Bąk, PhD, Eng., Master Mariner, Professor of MUS
  • Mateusz Bilewski, MSc,
  • Remigiusz Dzikowski, PhD, Eng., Master Mariner,
  • Rafał Gralak, MSc,
  • Maciej Gucma, PhD, Eng., Chief Officer, Professor of MUS,
  • Monika Hapanionek, MSc, Chief Officer,
  • Barbara Kwiecińska, MSc, Master Mariner,
  • Bartosz Muczyński, MSc,
  • Marcin Przywarty, PhD, Eng.,
  • Paulina Sobkowicz, MSc.

The International CAD Certificate of Autodesk (being the most reliable and world-recognised document confirming knowledge of this software) was handed in to course participants by Waldemar Kostrzewa, PhD, Eng., the instructor and Maciej Gucma, PhD, Eng., Professor of MUS, the Director of the Institute of Marine Navigation.

dyrektor INM dr hab. inż. Maciej Gucma, prof. nadzw. AM oraz instruktor mgr inż. Waldemar Kostrzewa (foto A. Bąk)

uczestnicy szkolenia AutoCad (foto A. Bąk)