In the period from 29th January to 4th February, the 4th meeting of the Sub-Committee of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW) was held in London. A representative of the Polish delegation in the work of this Sub-Committee was the Director of the Institute of  Marine Technologies, Professor Janusz Uriasz.

The HTW Committee is engaged in work on amendments to the STCW Convention. The provisions of this Convention refer e.g. to standards of seamen trainings, which include the curricula for navigators and mechanical engineers educated at our university.

During the meeting, the Committee was involved in development of guidelines referring to: counteracting the tiredness of marine vessel crews, requirements concerning navigation on polar waters, model courses for motormen included in the vessel engine room watch, the model course concerning the assessment, examination and certification of seamen (3.12), the course concerning the examiner training (6.09), the course concerning conducting of an assessment on a vessel (1.30), the course concerning the use of an engine room simulator (2.07),the course concerning certificates for chief officers, trainings for fishing vessel crews (STCW-F), a project of GMDSS system modernisation as well as current issues of the Committee and the member states of the International Maritime Organisation.

The HTW Sub-Committee also approved the proposals for updating of further model courses in its two-year work schedule, e.g. the model course concerning radar operation on the operational and management level (1.08), the model AIS course (1.34), LNG course (1.36), fire fighting course (2.03), crowd management course (1.28), individual rescue techniques course (1.19), new model courses: for electricians on the support level, a leadership and management skills course, for crews of ships covered with IGF code.