In the period 14-16.12.2016 the Navitec 2016 was held in ESTEC Noordwijk in Holand. The conference has been organised regularly for 8 years by ESA (European Space Agency) in cooperation with CNES, DLR and University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich.

The subject matter of the conference concentrates on navigation technologies, in particular satellite ones, future applications and added values for the users. The articles are published as a part of the IEEE publication. Last year's conference was held under the banner “Navigating the future of transportation” and concerned, most of all, EGNOS and Galileo systems as well as protection from GNSS signal interference and falsification.

The conference was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Paweł Zalewski, PhD, Eng., professor of MUS presenting a paper on the concept of using data on GNSS credibility from EGNOS system in marine transport. It was a summary of the scientific and research work conducted by the team of employees from the Faculty of Navigation of MUS led by professor Lucjan Gucma, financed by ESA as a part of the EMPONA project (Implementation of EGNOS in the Maritime Domain as Effective Augmentation System for Positioning in Inland and Pilot Navigation) from the Announcement of Opportunities on GNSS Science and Innovative Technology within the European GNSS Evolutions Programme (EGEP).

The photos present the Newton meeting room during a break and during the session.