On 19.10.2016, a meeting of representatives of the Faculty of Navigation with the largest Szczecin geodetic companies was held in the Senate Hall of the Maritime University of Szczecin at the invitation of Paweł Zalewski, PhD, Eng. Professor of MUS.  The meeting concerned education in the field of geodesy and cartography and adjustment of the educational content to current requirements of the West Pomeranian labour market. Employers were represented by Gispro, Fotokart and Geometr. Written analysis of the geodetic labour market was presented by OPGK Koszalin.

In the initial part, Grzegorz Stępień, PhD (Deputy Director of the Institute of Geoinformatics) presented the area of activity and the structure of the Institute of Geoinformatics and potential areas of cooperation, drawing attention to financing schemes by NCBiR (Polish Centre for Research and Development), including the so called fast track for businesses. During the meeting, representatives of companies agreed that three pillars of the labour market are geoinformatics, geodesy and photogrammetry. The outcome of the discussion was the profile of an ideal graduate who, among other things, should be fluent in two foreign languages, the main one being German, as well as know geoinformatic software of Open Source type. The participants tackled also practical training, new possibilities of development, including an off-shore field of study and the draft curriculum of 2nd cycle degree programme planned to be launched at the Faculty of Navigation - the field of geoinformatics or geodesy.
Representatives of industry agreed that geoinformatics as a development direction focused on new, integrated measurement systems and internationalisation of studies is a good answer to expectations of the labour market. Finally, company representatives accepted an invitation to the Programme Council of newly created fields of study and declared support in the process of developing the curriculum.