Another International Scientific Conference "Transport of the 21st Century" was held in Arłamów in the period 30.08-02.09.2016.

The conference is organised every 3 years in various locations in Poland by the Faculty of Transport of the Warsaw University of Technology as a forum for presenting achievements and exchanging experience of scientific and research centres involved in the technical and organisational subject matter of all transport branches. It also facilitates integration of all the transport-focused researchers.

The following employees of the Faculty of Navigation took part in the conference: former Rector of MUS, S. Gucma, Prof., PhD, Eng, Master Mariner, new Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, P. Zalewski, PhD, Eng., Chief Officer, Prof. of MUS, J. Artyszuk, PhD, Eng., Chief Officer, Prof. of MUS, Z. Pietrzykowski, PhD, Eng., Professor of MUS, Professor T.Szelangiewicz, PhD, Eng., M. Wielgosz, PhD, Eng., Master Mariner.

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