On 1-3 October in Cairo was held the XIVth World Congress of Navigation organized by the International Association of Institutes of Navigation - IAIN (International Association of Institutes of Navigation). Arkadiusz Tomczak, PhD, Master Mariner, Maritime University of Szczecin worker, participated in the Congress. On the eve of the start of the Congress, meetings of the IAIN Board, IAIN General Assembly, EUGIN Board (European Group of Institutes of Navigation) and the Supervisory Board of the European Journal of Navigation were held. The Polish delegation to the annual meetings of the association was formed by Arkadiusz Tomczak, PhD and Prof. Krzysztof Czaplewski (Vice-President of the Polish Navigational Forum, Chairman of EUGIN Council) who took part in the world and European meetings of the navigation associations.

From 1 January 2013, Arkadiusz Tomaczak, PhD, shall take the position of the chief editor of the European Journal of Navigation - a scientific journal published by seven European institutes of navigation. At the meeting of the Supervisory Board EJN EUGIN, President and a member of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Krzysztof Czaplewski briefed the candidate, which was unanimously accepted by the meeting participants. Mr Tomczak presented the progress of the process of taking over the function entrusted to him. They also discussed the challenges and potential directions of development of the EJN.

European scientific journal funded since 2003 by the National Institutes of seven national (including Polish Navigation Forum) has so far been published by the Netherlands Institute of Navigation NIN (2003-2008), followed by the German Institute of Navigation dgon (2008 - 2012). From 2013, for the 3rd summer term, the issue of the magazine shall be taken over by the Polish Forum of Navigation. By agreement between the H.M. Rector of the Medical University of Szczecin and the Chairman of the Polish Forum of Navigation, European Journal of Navigation will be issued by the Maritime University of Szczecin. Entrusting  Maritime University of Szczecin the issue of the European magazine, created due to the initiative of the European institutions of navigation, is a proof of recognition for the Polish research centers. This is another, after the election of a Pole as President of EUGIN, proof that the Polish navigation occupies prominent position in the structures of the European Union.

The picture on the right:
  • Capt. Richard A. Smith, President of IAIN, the Royal Institute of Navigation,
  • Professor Krzysztof Czaplewski, Chairman of EUGIN Council, the Naval Academy of Gdynia
  • David Broughton, Secretary General of the IAIN, the Royal Institute of Navigation
  • Professor Bradford Parkinson, Stanford University - creator of GPS
  • Arkadiusz Tomczak, PhD,  Maritime University of Szczecin,
  • Lieutenant Piotr Zwolan, Polish Naval University of Gdynia
  • Cpt. Slawomir ŚWIERCZYŃSKI, Polish Naval University of Gdynia.