Witold Kazimierz, PhD, from the Department of Geoinformatics came first (in a tie), and Piotr Borkowski, PhD, Maritime Institute of Technology, in third place in the competition for funding under the project Internship- Success of a Researcher. ‘Internship- Success of a Researcher’ is funded by the EU project whose goal is to support the cooperation between scientific institutions and enterprises by enabling scientists to have their internship in selected companies. The executor of the project and the organizer of the competition is Poznan Academic Business Incubator (PAIP), and the project is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

In order to become beneficiaries of the project, scientists had to submit six month individual internship plans, approved by the selected contractor. Criteria for assessing the merits included:

  • internship results, including the significance of the problem to be solved, its importance and impact on the competitiveness of the enterprise;
  • degree of innovation;
  • opportunity to apply the experience gained in the internship to the scientific work;
  • rationality and feasibility of the internship;
  • competence of the candidate;

Witold Kazimierz, PhD, will realize his internship, dealing with the subject of building a model of multi-sensor fusion of data from radar and AIS tracking system for ECDIS.

Piotr Borkowski, PhD, will deal with the development and implementation of algorithm of multi-criteria presentation on the example of database of medical entities based on computational mathematics tool. His internship will be realized in the NetStream Poland Company.

For the second edition of the competition applied more than 40 scientists from the Szczecin Universities but only 16 of them were awarded with internship funding. Detailed information about the project, as well as a list of evaluated candidates can be found on the project website: http://www.zachodniopomorskie.ssn.paip.pl/Home/SingleNews/25

Congratulations and best wishes of further success!