On June 23, 2012 were held in Szczecin, the celebration of World Hydrography. At the invitation of the Director of Maritime Office in Szczecin, the organizer of the ceremony, the hydrographical unit, HYDROGRAF XXI of the Maritime University of Szczecin and the staff of the Department of Geoinformatics participated in the celebrations. Prof. Assoc. Andrzej Stateczny, marine hydrographer category A, Natalia Wawrzyniak, MSc and Grzegorz Zaniewicz, MSc, presented the unit’s hydrographic equipment including the Multi-beam sonar, GeoSwath Plus and sonar Edgetech 4125 MS 1000. The Unit was visited by many hydrographers including the head of the Navy Hydrographic Office, Commander Henryk Nitner.