On 21-25 May at the Sofitel Victoria Microwave and Radar Week hotel took place Microwave and Radar Week during which the 13th international conference of the International Radar Symposium 2012 was held. The conference was attended by over 550 participants, including employees of the Department of Geoinformatics: Prof. Andrzej Stateczny, Jacek Łubczonek, PhD, Witold Kazimierski MSc and Grzegorz Zaniewicz, MSc. At the opening session of the IRS-2012, with a full house of participants, the paper "Aspects of Radar Navigation" was delivered by Prof. . Andrzej Stateczny.This was one of the two papers of the opening session.

Na zdjęciu chairmen konferencji prof. Herman Rohling zapowiada referat prof. Statecznego.