On 6 December 2012, Council of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Szczecin, decided to confer the degree of doctor of economic sciences to Mrs Agnieszka Deja, MSc.
Olivia Pietrzak, MSc and Krystian Pietrzak MSc, research and teaching workers of WIET, received grants for their doctoral studies within the project "An investment in knowledge – the motor of innovation in the region - the second edition "
WIET students, within the a as part of the Integrated Transport Technology and Integrated Transport , went on educational trips to the port. Thanks to the kindness of employees of DB Port Szczecin, they could see what a modern and ever-expanding terminal looks like. DB Port Szczecin is called the gateway to the world for the Baltic and Central European countries. 
06.11.2012, the second edition of the Railway Congress was held, organized by the Publishing House 'Railway Market', Railway Forum 'Railway Business Forum' and PKP Polish Railway.
We take the pleasure to inform that on 20 September 2012 at 12:00, at the Faculty of Business and Commodity Science, Maritime University of Gdynia, PhD dissertation defense of Milena Bojanowska, MSc, entitled: ‘The quality and safety of rapeseed meal in the process of transportation’ was held. PhD Supervisor: Prof. Ruta Leśmian-Kordas, Maritime University of Szczecin Reviewers: Prof. Assoc. Romuald Zalewski, EU of Poznan Prof. Assoc. Krystyna Kwiatkowska-Sienkiewicz, Maritime University of Gdynia By the decision of the Council of the Faculty of Business and Commodity Science, Gdynia Maritime University, on 20 September 2012, Milena Bojanowska, MSc, was conferred the degree of PhD of economic sciences in the discipline of commodity science.
Recruitment for part-time studies at the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering for the following fields of study is extended to 31.10.2012..
A publication of the Scientific Publishing, Maritime University, edited by Prof. Czeslawa Christowa is a monograph by a team of scientists, employees of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Gdansk University and experts - practitioners of the companies of the Group of Polish Steamship Company. Its purpose is to provide for employers and workers the theoretical optimum of the model of employment of seafarers on the Polish flag ships.
On 17 May 2012 in Szczecin was a X Jubilee National Scientific Conference 'Maritime Transport 2012' concerning maritime transport in international logistics processes with active participation of Prof. Czeslawa Christowa, presenting a synthesis chapter entitled 'The management of research in modeling of port logistics centers', published in the monograph, edited by H. Salmonowicz 'The maritime transport in international logistics processes'.
The article was presented within the cyclic International Conference TRANS EURO-2011 ‘Competitive and Sustainable transport - after the crisis, what next?’ attended by Prof. Associate Czeslawa Christowa on 10 - 11 October 2011 in Warsaw.
Kinga Kijewska, MSc and Alexandra Łapko, MSc received scholarships for doctoral studies in the project ‘Investment in knowledge as an engine of innovation in the region - the second edition.’
Publications of the WI-ET appeared in the latest issue of Logistics magazine (2/2012)
Stanislaw Iwan, PhD thanks to the invitation of the Marshal Office of the West Pomeranian Province presented a C-Liege project at "Skandynawigacje 2012" Conference, which was held in Warsaw on 21 March 2012. Among the many issues discussed, the issue of Poland as a transit country between Scandinavia and Southern Europe was also a part devoted to SoNorA project.
Nationwide seminar On 05 December 2011 at the Faculty of Economics and Management Services, University of Szczecin, Scientific seminar "regional passenger transport. - today's challenges" was held.
On 18 November 2011, took place the 5th Conference on Science - Technology ‘TRAFFIC PROBLEMS of Szczecin’. As in previous years, the Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians of Communications, Branch in Szczecin, Faculty of Management and Economics of Services, University of Szczecin, in cooperation with Szczecin City Hall organized the 5th Scientific - Technical Conference ‘City of Szczecin -TRAFFIC PROBLEMS’ on 18 November 2011.
Between 21 - 22 November 2011, in the Maritime Office in Szczecin International Seminar was held: "Spatial planning in maritime and coastal areas" attended by Prof. Czeslawa Christowa and Ewa Hącia, MSc, the employees of the Department of Organization and Management.