Another project partner meeting was held between 12-14 May 2015 in Białystok. The most important objective of the visit to the local academic centre of Białystok University of Technology - the project partner, was to finalise the draft version of Entrepreneurship syllabus and to define methods and forms of classes to be delivered during the summer school which is to be held on the Chios island, Greece in July.
Sup4Nav established by a team of creators from the Faculty of Navigation in order to implement the Navdec invention based on a licence given by the Maritime University was among 5 beneficiaries from Poland during the last call for proposals in the SME Instrument competition - phase I. The European Commission received 1569 proposals for assessment, 251 of which reached the required point threshold and 60.1% of which will receive funds.
Again, we have an opportunity to promote the inventive potential of our University in Poland. The invention of professor Bolesław Kuźniewski called "An underwater generator set and the method of its setting in sea water column" is taking part in the final of Gazeta Prawna competition. Eureka! DGP – Discovering Polish Inventions.  The Internet voting has just begun. Everyone is encouraged to vote for our invention.
"Since classes in the final grades in the school year 2014/2015 are now over, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for this year's cooperation. Commitment of the team from the Maritime University of Szczecin allowed our youth to get to know the learning conditions and ambience of the University. Many of them were encouraged to continue their education in the field of logistics. I would like to thank one more time the whole team of the Maritime University and say that we are looking forward to cooperating with you next year." - deputy director of the Secondary Schools Complex No 8, Joanna Rygielska-Barwacz summed up this year's cooperation. 
Students from the Faculty of Economics and Engineering of Transport had another opportunity to participate in practical classes in the Port of Szczecin. This time we were generously hosted by the Board and employees of Bulk Cargo Port Szczecin. In the very intersection of water, inland, rail and road transport modes, the students were able to familiarize themselves with processes of commodity transhipment and warehousing.
The project "NOVELOG - New cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics", in which our University is represented by the team of Stanislaw Iwan, PhD from the Faculty of EET, was approved for funding by the European Commission within Horizon 2020, the biggest research programme of the EU. 
On Wednesday 3 December 2014 representatives of the Student Science Innovator's Club Ordo ex Chao visited the Hasso-Plattner-Institut School of Design Thinking at Universität Potsdam (D-School).
Between 19th – 20th May 2014 a scientific international conference Green Cities 2014- Green Logistics for Greener Cities was held in Szczecin. It was devoted to urban logistics with particular emphasis on issues connected with environmental protection and reducing negative effects of urban transport of goods on the environment.
Sustainable Transport Development Day was held at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport on 22nd May. Its purpose was to familiarize students with basic issues concerning the idea of sustainable transport and demonstrate the necessity of appropriate measures in that scope.
Dear Students, on behalf of the Logistics and Transport Students' Science Club at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport as well as on behalf of the Club's supervisor, Krystian Pietrzak, MSc Eng. we would like to encourage everyone to participate actively in the nearest national internet-based TransEdu competition for students.
On 7th May 2014 the Maritime University of Szczecin signed a Cooperation Agreement with Modni Sp.z. o.o. (Polish limited liability company).
Before chestnut trees would bloom and the students would sit to take their school-leaving examinations, representatives of the Maritime University of Szczecin visited the Complex of Maritime Schools in Kołobrzeg, headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport, Zofia Jóźwiak, PhD habil., associate professor at MUS.

I would like to invite you to attend the scientific seminar:
System transformations in Poland after June 1989 and their impact on Poland’s economy
which will be presented by Prof. Ignacy Chrzanowski
on April 2, 2014,
time: 11.45 to 12.30, room 6, Szczerbcowa.

The official farewell event for the graduates of the Students' Research Society of Transport Engineering took place in the Tradition Chamber of the Maritime University of Szczecin, the place being the most suitable to host an event of such ceremonial nature.