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Godło Polski: orzeł w złotej koronie, ze złotymi szponami i dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Logo Akademii Morskiej: czerwony gryf w złotej koronie, z żółtym dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Maritime University of Szczecin

In the period 20-22.11.2018, the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport organised a course for marina employees and operators. The course was conducted as a part of the project SOUTH COAST BALTIC Establishing durable cross-border boating destination management on the basis of the MARRIAGE cooperation network financed by the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014–2020, which has been implemented since 2016.

The participants of the course included employees from ports located in the provinces of West Pomerania and Pomerania as well as in Latvia. On the first day of the training, they took part in a professional first-aid course and received certificates from the European Resuscitation Centre. The course was organised by the RescueLab in Szczecin and its programme was adjusted to the special needs of yacht port employees.

On subsequent days, the participants took part in workshops concerning management, trends in sailing tourism, marketing, tourist information and psychology. A part of the training was devoted to serving the elderly and the disabled. The classes within this scope were conducted with the use of a special overalls - a simulator of old-age sensations. There was also a presentation of good practice from yacht ports which are aimed at improving the comfort of senior sailors who use port services. The trainers were experienced yacht port managers from Denmark, Croatia and Germany as well as academic teachers from the Pomeranian Medical University, the Maritime University and the University of Szczecin. The classes were conducted in the building where a branch of Brillux Polska Sp. z o.o is located.

The course was designed to allow  the best specialists in the specific area to equip port employees with practical knowledge. Thanks to this, our yacht ports will be safe and friendly for all tourists.

The person responsible for organisation of the course on the side of the Maritime University was  Aleksandra Łapko, PhD. Eng. and the organisation team also included  Ewa Hącia, PhD. Eng. and  Roma Strulak-Wójcikiewicz, PhD. Eng. from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport.

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