In the period 18-28 July, the summer school was held in Aveiro (Portugal). The school was attended by teachers and students of MUS and organised as a part of the ABC - MELES 2.0 project, which is led by our university.

The aim of the school was to test various models of support for enterprising academic teams in practice, in particular through coaching sessions. Two project teams went to Portugal:

  1. SAR Bracelet project composed of: Andrzej Lisaj, Sonia Rudzińska, Przemysław Hinc and Filip Zarzycki,
  2. Virtual Doctor project composed of: Jakub Rosik and Eric Kulbiej.

They were accompanied by teachers (and future ABCs, i.e. Academic Business Coaches) - Piotr Wołejsza and Bogusz Wiśnicki. 

Everyone returned happy and full of positive experience to hot Szczecin. What about the business projects? To be continued.

Muito obrigado Aveiro!

The participants of the summer school from MUS during the inauguration.

The farewell photo from the summer school in Aveiro.