On 6th June 2018, students from the specialisation of Yacht Port Operation (3rd Year Transport, Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport) had an opportunity to see two other yacht ports in West Pomerania Province.

This time, the trip was focused on getting acquainted with the aspects related to safe functioning of yacht ports.

The students visited Marina Solna in Kołobrzeg as well as the yacht port and the marina in Dziwnów operating in the sailing season.

The visit to the ports was even more interesting due to the company of Mr Zbigniew Andruszkiewicz – the designer of both facilities. In Kołobrzeg, also Mr Józef Macko - the Inspector for Port Operation and Port Service - told the students some interesting facts related to the functioning of the marina.

Beautiful ports, great weather and the students just learn effortlessly…

Photo1. The season marina in Dziwnów

Photo 2. Marina Solna in Kołobrzeg

The Association of Yacht Ports and Marinas - the Local Tourist Organisation of the West Pomerania Sailing Trail has taken the honorary patronage over the specialisation of Yacht Port Operation. Both the West Pomerania Sailing Trail and the Maritime University of Szczecin are partners of the international project South Coast Baltic – Establishing durable cross-border boating destination management on the basis of the MARRIAGE cooperation network, financed from the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020. The specialisation supervisor is Aleksandra Łapko, PhD. Eng.