An international project entitled "A Pan-European Network for Marine Renewable Energy with a Focus on Wave Energy", filed as a part of the COST programme, has obtained an approval. This is a networking action connecting over 100 participants from 25 countries.

The aim of this action is to create the foundations for joint international projects and agree on the directions of financing research by the European Commission within the scope of renewable power engineering, with a special focus on sea wave energy. The activities will, in particular, involve working groups, conferences, trainings and dissemination of knowledge. The project coordinator is Dr. ir. Vicky Stratigaki from Belgian Ghent University. When submitting the application, the network included 112 applicants. Poland is represented by 3 institutions, including the Maritime University of Szczecin.

We hope that carrying out of COST will contribute to the use of seas and oceans, as virtually unused sources of energy, which, in spite of their huge potential, have hardly been tamed.

People interested in cooperation within the above mentioned scope are requested to contact the project coordinator at MUS:
Leszek Chybowski, Institute of Engine Room Operation, Marine Engineering Faculty, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. +48 91 48 09 412.