Scientific Publishing House of the Maritime University

Starzyńskiego St. 8, 70-506 Szczecin, Poland
phone (+48 91) 48 09 645
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fax      (+48 91) 48 09 723 
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The Scientific Publishing House is a university-wide organizational unit of the Maritime University of Szczecin and it has editorial and publishing functions. It is placed in an organizational sector of the Deputy Rector for Science, who supervises administrational and financial activity. The Scientific Publishing House is subordinate to an editor-in-chief. Editorial staff consists of workers taking care of a high substantive and editorial level of publications.

The Publishing House reviews editorially, publishes and spreads scientific, didactic and information publications such as: Scientific Journals, scientific works (monographs, habilitation theses), conference materials, textbooks, materials for lectures and exercises, methodical guidebooks, specialist dictionaries, information materials as well as other publications for the University.

The Publishing House of the MU is a member of the Stowarzyszenie Wydawców Szkół Wyższych (Higher Education Institution Publishers Association), which integrates all Polish university publishing houses. It participates in exhibitions of Polish scientific books as well as in trade market events (e.g. in Poznań Days of a Scientific Book), where it presents and spreads scientific works of the MU workers.

The Publishing House supervises the university magazine “Akademickie Aktualności Morskie” providing it with the appropriate editing and regularity of appearing. 

Scientific Journals of Szczecin

Scientific Journals of Szczecin Maritime University (ISSN 1733-8670) have been published since February 1973 (ISSN 0209-2069), and since 2008 in a new design and a new format (A4). Several articles are related to maritime economy. Subject matter is expanding, including among others nautical issues, problems of ship operation and ship’s power plant operations. The materials prepared for symposia and conferences are also published in Scientific Journals, as well as post-doctoral and doctoral work.

Since 2004 the university changed its name to the Maritime University in Szczecin and the ISSN (1733-8670). At the end of 2008 87 Scientific Journals were published.

All the articles are reviewed and academically edited. Their thematic scope is in accordance with academic issues of the University and the fields of study.