70-507 Szczecin, ul. H. Pobożnego 11
tel.: +48 91 4809 704
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Director: Elżbieta Edelman

The Main Library contributes to MUS scientific, educational and research activities. It started its operation in 1969 when the maritime school of higher education was established, the predecessor of today’s Szczecin Maritime University. Since 1996 the Library is located in the building in Henryk Pobozny Street. Its fifth floor houses a number of library units, such as publication collection and processing unit, lending room, reading rooms with book collections, magazines and scientific information.

There is also a multimedia reading room with twelve computer desks offering the Internet access. Opened in 2005 thanks to EU funds for regional development, it was a response to increased demand for electronic sources of information and on-line access to databases. The sixth floor accommodates most of library book resources kept on movable shelves facilitating their retrieval.

The Library attempts at collecting books and other publications that are searched for by students, researchers and course participants as well as students and teachers of other academic institutes in Szczecin interested in maritime subjects. The library, with its 124 thousand books, 7 950 Polish and foreign magazine volumes and around 24 400 special items (Polish and foreign standards, instruction manuals and scientific research works) has a rich collection of IMO documents, supported by the IMO VEGA database, putting readers’ needs at their fingertips.

The Library also provides access to other databases: single stand access to LEX OMEGA, PRAWO OCHRONY SRODOWISKA (Environment Protection Law), IMO VEGA, while within the University’s network PROQUEST, SCIENCE DIRECT, WORTAL MORSKI and IMO Extranet Document System are available.

The Library staff prepare and make available their own databases: KART contains bibliographic descriptions of articles from Polish magazines collected by the Library, DOROBEK database records scientific works of SMU scientists, while PRACE database comprises undergraduate and Master’s theses of SMU students. Besides, in collaboration with other research libraries, SMU’s librarians create BazTech database with the contents of Polish scientific-technical magazines.

The Szczecin Maritime University Library uses a computer-aided library system SOWA and single-station SOWA2 system for recording scientific achievements of university’s research staff. All collection items are placed in the computer catalogue that can be used on the spot. Besides, books and other items collected at the Library can be searched for at its web site: .