We are looking for liaison officers for the 5th Oldtimers Rally which will be held in Szczecin on June, 12-14th 2009 during the Days of the Sea. Candidates are required to speak English, German or Russian and know the city of Szczecin well.
We have the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of LIVE@EDU platform organized by Microsoft in prof. Laski lecture hall on Tuesday on May, 19th at 15:30. A sweet energizing surprise for each visitor!!!
The Maritime University of Szczecin, Close Range Shipping Promotion Agency and the Szczecin – Swinoujscie Ports’ Management take the pleasure to invite to the consecutive edition of the scientific conference Maritime Transport 2009 which will be held under the banner of : Economic situation in the world economy and the shipping and port markets.
On 23-24th October the Complex of Ship Building Schools will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ship Building Schools. For more information about the jubilee events see the school website www.zsbo.szczecin.pl or call at 091-428-02-31. The school graduates are kindly requested to spread the information among their schoolmates and get involved in the celebration arrangements.
From May, 4th till June, 5th 2009 the Main Library of the Maritime University of Szczecin and EBSCO Publishing invite to testing basic packet of 11 magazine bases as a part of eIFL-EBSCO project. The bases contain a wide range of disciplines : science, art, social science, economy, business, IT, technology, physics and others.
In connection to the Week of Libraries entitled „Library is an advantage” combined with Librarian’s Day from 8 -15th May 2009, 9.00-14.00, the open days of the Main Library of the Maritime University of Szczecin will be arranged. You are heartedly invited! Visitors will have a chance to visit both the library and the exhibition entitled: ”MU librarians’ hobby” ( Tiffany stained glass, jewelry, decorations: angels, flowers, embroidery, artistic photography). The exhibition will be held in the Multi-media Reading Room, room 501.
The Maritime University of Szczecin representative team of eight won the traditional Szczecin races of higher education institutions defeating the other four teams of Agricultural Academy, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin University and Szczecin University of Technology. On May, 9 and 10th our oarsmen did not give the smallest chance to their rivals! Vice Rector Przemyslaw Rajewski watched the races and supported the contestants enjoying the success of his students. Handing in the Cup of the West Pomeranian Province Marshal and congratulations turned out to be a specially important and satisfying moment since it was the Olympic champion Marek Kolbowicz himself who did it!
Are you an alumnus of the Maritime University of Szczecin? Is your career blossoming? Let us know your professional achievements! Do not hesitate to put your name and details into our data bank.
The global fleet urgently needs about 40 thousand seafarers: captains, deck and engineer officers. Embark on the maritime career to get a well-paid job as soon as possible.
The Faculty of Marine Engineering of the Maritime University of Szczecin announces the winter enrollment for the 1st year of the 1st degree (engineer) regular studies of the 2010/2011. Important dates:
  • Submission of documents 17.01 – 24.02. 2011
  • Announcement of the results 25.02.2011
  • The 1st semester commences on 28.02.2011
  • The 1st semester ends on 29.06.2011
The course of the studies is featured for one semester shifted, which shall not change until the end of the studies with recruitment procedure analogical to summer enrollment and recruitment fee paid after the admission. The freshmen practice will be held during summer holidays (August-September 2011) together with students admitted in summer enrollment. The students admitted in winter shall attend only occupational safety and library trainings.

Enrollment rules/available at www AM/MU/ and the Faculty dean’s office website
Careers Office of the Maritime University of Szczecin announces the fourth photo contest ‘Crossing Borders - a journey towards a dream job’
The official inauguration of the virtual computer lab
The ceremonial start made ​​by the Rector of the Maritime University Prof. Stanislaw Gucma, Master Mariner.
The project Fames artium magistra - promotion of implementation capacity in the field of IT and industrial design of development units of  West Pomerania universities /Fames artium magistra - promocja potencjału wdrożeniowego w dziedzinie IT i wzornictwa przemysłowego jednostek rozwojowych zachodniopomorskich uczelni wyższych/ realized by the Szczecin Science and Technology Park, created videos on the educational and business offer of the Department of Information Technology of the Sea. The films made ​​by Studio-Online Szczecin/Studio-Online Szczecin/. Welcome!
The Senate of the Maritime University of Szczecin decided to restore the school holiday, which began in the State Maritime School in Szczecin, the forerunner of maritime education in our city. On this occasion Maritime University has prepared numerous attractions.
On 11-13 October was held at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) Baltic Conference of Rectors of the University Programme (BUP). This network, founded in 1991, involves about 200 universities from the Baltic Sea region. The conference, in addition to the resume of achievements and plans for the future arrangements, was also the time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BUP. The conference was attended by 62 representatives of partner universities within the network, representing 12 countries.