Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieThis year, third year students of the Sea Fishery had their fishing practice on the m/t Franek Zubrzycki III, owned by the Complex of Marine Schools in Darlowo. Marek Gorzynski, MSc took the tutorial responsibility for the students while their voyage from 06.09.-02.10.2010. Signed up, the students had to comply with onboard regulations while going through the deck and engine room practice according to the curriculum assumptions.
Poland is the leader of a flag project “Create a network of centers of excellence for maritime training” (creating nets of certified centers of excellence for integrated maritime training) realized within the framework of the Strategy for the Southern Baltic Region.
The project objective is to increase safety at sea and unify high European standards of maritime training conducted by centers of excellence for maritime training. Realization of the project will provide young people with:
  • the highest standard of maritime education conducted by certified maritime training centers meeting the requirements of ”centre of excellence”,
  •  high level of acquired skills and education enabling the students competitive position on the job market
  • unified ways of testing maritime competence
  • possibility of pursuing marine and on-shore career,
  • perspectives for long lasting career in maritime economy professions;
Obligatory preparatory drill before the inauguration of the academic year 2010/2011

Friday - 1st October 2010 – assembly of all students in front of the main building of MU, Waly Chrobrego 1 at 06:20;

Saturday – 2nd October 2010 – assembly of all students at the feet of Waly Chrobrego,ul. Jana z Kolna (by the fountain) at 07:00,

The aim of Adaptation Days organized for the 1st year students is to: get to know the university authorities, faculties, history, achievements and perspectives after graduation from the Maritime University of Szczecin. During the meetings the Student Self-government activity as well as the possibility of participating in various forms of cultural and social events shall be presented (by the student self-government representative). A significant part to illustrate how the university operates will be presenting the regulations: regular day study regulation (presented by the Dean) and the Student’s Hostel regulation (presented by the Chancellor and the Head of the Student Campus)
Maritime University of Szczecin welcomes to the 10th West Pomeranian Science Festival
All the information concerning the studies available at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Maritime University of Szczecin has just raised funds for a project covering the following:

-scholarships for the so called ordered fields up to 1000Pln
-individual equalizing classes of Mathematics and Physics
-specialist classes of Auto Cad 2D and Programming
-paid foreign trainings

The project, (4mln Pln out of its 5mln Pln total value, to be spent on scholarships) is co-financed by the EU.
The Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering of the Maritime University of Szczecin has been recruiting students for 3.5 - year regular and extramural studies - logistics, course of company logistics.

The demand for logisticians is constantly growing!
If you fancy challenges and want to get qualifications, most required by the international transport system, or work in most promising branches – the guarantee of promotion and career development- take logistics at the Maritime University of Szczecin!
On 22-24.07.2010 the Vice Rector for Education, Przemysław Rajewski, PhD, as a member of the West Pomeranian Province delegation, paid a visit to the District of the Kaliningrad Russian Federation. Our region representatives, headed by Władysław Husejko, the Marshal of the Province, were invited to the District of Kaliningrad by its governor, Georgij Boos.
We take the pleasure to inform that on 11.06.2010 by the decision of the State Accreditation Commission the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering was conferred the right to instruct in the field of LOGISTICS
Faculty Recruitment Commission of the Faculty of Navigation informs that the recruitment results of the Faculty of Navigation are accessible at wyniki.am.szczecin.pl.

Results of the other two commissions shall be available on Monday, 19.07.2010
We inform that the Faculty Recruitment Commissions of all the three faculties of the Maritime University of Szczecin announce the 2nd recruitment for the 2010/2011 academic year of the Maritime University of Szczecin.

Recruitment dates:
Faculty of Navigation: July, 16-September, 17.2010
- IT
- Transport

Faculty of Marine Engineering: July, 19-September, 03.2010.
- Mechatronics
- Mechanics and Machine Construction

Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering, 1-October.2010
- Management and Production Engineering (1st and 2nd degree studies)
- Logistics
- Transport

Do not wait! Apply for the Maritime University of Szczecin!
Signing an agreement on cooperation between the Maritime University of Szczecin and the Technological University of Minsk is the first substantial effect of the official visit paid by the representatives of the West Pomeranian Province to Minsk District in Belorussia on 12-14.07.2010. On the basis of the agreement the universities will undertake cooperation at the research projects as well as the scientific staff and student exchange. The West Pomeranian delegation consisted of:
1.Władysław Husejko-the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Province,
2. Norbert Obrycki – the chairman of the Commission of Development, Promotion and International Cooperation of the West Pomeranian Seym,
3.Przemysław Rajewski, PhD, the MU Vice Rector for Science,
4.Piotr Zarosiński-the chief specialist of titanium white merchandise at Z.Ch.”Police SA
2010/2011 recruitment results of the Faculties: of Navigation, Marine Engineering and Economics and Transport Engineering have been published at wyniki.am.szczecin.pl
We welcome you to get acquainted with the OSRM schedule of the 2010 candidate courses.

Faculty of Navigation
Faculty of Navigation-training group student lists
Faculty of Marine Engineering