Let's meet on 23rd and 24th November 2017 r.

The Maritime University of Szczecin received the representatives of the Committee of Transport of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The meeting of the committee was honoured with the presence of the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Marek Gróbarczyk. 

On 25.10.2017, the Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch, PhD. took part in the opening ceremony of the 2nd Transport Ministers' Meeting (TMM) as well as the Central-Eastern Europe and China Business Forum held in the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Like every year, also this summer, the Marine Rescue Training Centre conducted a (recently finished) training for newly admitted students of the Maritime University of Szczecin - the young people finished the so called "candidates' training". The candidates' training, which started already in the second half of July, lasted until 22nd September and, traditionally, was a period of intensive work both for the administration and the teachers responsible for the course.

On 16th October, we celebrate the European Restart a Heart Day. It is on this occasion that the Polish Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation organises, every mid October, the annual attempt to break the record in simultaneous cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed by the largest possible number of people.

ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. and Maritime University of Szczecin took a decision on their cooperation as a part of innovative as well as research and development undertakings.

Traditionally, the academic year began with an official ceremony - the Saturday matriculation of students at the foot of Wały Chrobrego and a solemn but intimate roll-call by the Monument in memory of Those who were lost at sea in the Central Cemetery in Szczecin. 

The West Pomeranian Science Festival initiated by the Szczecin Scientific Association is an event addressed to young people attending schools and universities as well as adult inhabitants of the region, including students of the University of Third Age. 

In the period 11-15 September 2017, the 4th session of the Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers was held at the headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London.

The "Academic Paper Chase" integration game was organised on Monday, 18th September, at the Maritime University of Szczecin. The participants were foreign students who will soon begin their education in the first year at the Maritime University. 

The Maritime University of Szczecin has obtained almost 2 million zlotys for work placements for first-cycle students as a part of the project TIME FOR WORK PLACEMENT II. The project will be carried out in the period from January 2018 to September 2019.

A great sailing celebration - The Tall Ships Races 2017 final in Szczecin was simultaneously an opportunity for the Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin to get involved in three big artistic events. This is a huge success of the ensemble conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch. 

The Tall Ships 2017 in Szczecin were a great opportunity for meetings on boards of vessels - the crews of Kruzenshtern and Mir visited the board of Nawigator XXI and our students with the ship's crew paid a visit to both tall ships. Yet, this is not the end of hospitable meetings. The crews of the tall ships taking part in The Tall Ships Races 2017 also visited the Maritime University building in Wały Chrobrego.
Last October we informed that the Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin was included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

In the period 12 – 13.07.2017, as a part of the project South Coast Baltic, a survey was conducted among sailors in selected yacht ports in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Lithuania. The aim of the study was to learn about the preferences of sailors as regards selecting sailing routes and the activities undertaken in the visited towns.