The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory has been established in the Marine Machines and Devices Department of the Maritime University of Szczecin.

The laboratory is focused on development of energy saving solutions and, thus, economically effective and, most of all, environmentally safe ones. The refrigeration devices have a huge impact on the natural environment and our task is to look for solutions which will reduce this influence to the minimum.

- It's a very important laboratory for us, mainly because it’s been financed with the university's funds and created based on our employees' project - said the Rector, Wojciech Ślączka.

In a mechanical ventilation or air conditioning system, significant amounts of heat are irretrievably lost together with the air removed from the room. In residential premises, the loses may amount to even 60% of total heat losses. - Thus, using the stream of air removed from a room for heating or cooling of fresh air brought into the room, it is possible to minimize the losses to a certain extent and to improve the general energy efficiency of the ventilation or air conditioning system - explains Ewelina Żłoczowska, PhD. Eng., the laboratory supervisor, describing the operation of the test stand for the ventilation unit with heat recovery.

These are the aspects of working with refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems studied by our students, who, in the future, will apply their skills at work - offshore or onshore.

Presentation of the laboratory included the following:

the refrigeration automation test stand

the test stand for the ventilation unit with heat recovery

the teaching station for refrigerant filling and recovery

as well as the refrigeration room where courses are provided both for students and officers.
The event was attended by the university authorities - the Rector, Wojciech Ślączka, DSc. Eng., Master Mariner, Professor of MUS, the Vice Rector for Maritime Affairs, Arkadiusz Tomczak, Professor of MUS and the Dean of the Faculty of Marine Engineering - Zbigniew Matuszak, DSc. Eng. Professor of MUS, the Director of the Institute of Technical Operation of Marine Power Plants, Cezary Behrendt, DSc. Eng. Professor of MUS, Ewelina Złoczowska, DSc. Eng. from the Marine Machines and Devices Department as well as the invited guests.