The Laboratory of Logistics and Production Processes Automation was officially opened on 20 April. The hosts - the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Stanisław Iwan and Artur Kujawski, MA, the laboratory supervisor, received Minister Marek Gróbarczyk, the Rector, Professor Wojciech Ślączka, the MUS authorities as well as members of the Senate and Development Council of the Faculty - representatives of institutions and companies in the maritime and transport sector.

The grand opening was also attended by Grzegorz Kaczmarek from ASTOR, which designed and supplied the laboratory equipment.
This includes three industrial robots as well as a production line - it is the first laboratory in the region simulating the whole logistics process "in a nutshell".

- The equipment shows palletising, loading and transshipment in miniature - explained Artur Kujawski, MA. - Students will get acquainted with the autonomic operation of industrial robots as well as the course of the whole process - he adds.

The laboratory classes will teach them to plan the logistics processes in practice. During presentation of the equipment operation, Minister Gróbarczyk was asked to perform some practical tasks.

- This is a great celebration for the university - new laboratories and possibilities are the directions we want to support - emphasised the Minister.

The laboratory financed from the resources of the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, which has just been opened at the Faculty, will enable students to get acquainted with the latest technologies in automatic control and robotics in the industry and logistics processes. Such a practical training included in the teaching process will ensure the highest level of graduates’ preparation for undertaking of their future jobs. Expressing thanks for the funds, Rector Ślączka emphasised that this had been the first such financial support intended for educational purposes.

- Opening the laboratory we can definitely say that the faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport is up-to-date with education offered on the highest level based on world-class equipment - pointed out the Rector emphasising the potential and strength of the Faculty.

- Work on this project was also anew experience for us - said Grzegorz Kaczmarek, the Deputy Director of ASTOR. - The laboratory developed as a result of close cooperation has been individually designed and adjusted to the needs of the Faculty - he emphasised. The efficient cooperation within this scope was also praised by the Dean of the Faculty.

- Opening of the laboratory is the beginning of our cooperation with the company; we are open to new joint undertakings - said Stanisław Iwan.

The devices will also be the basis for the teaching process in new, unique specialisations: Smart Logistics Systems and Automated Production Systems, which are to be launched by the Faculty in the forthcoming academic year.

The laboratory will be used for teaching tasks in many subjects such as: Port Technical Devices, Automatic Control and Robotics of Production Processes, Automatic Control and Robotics of Logistics Processes, Process Design, Logistics Infrastructure, Transport Systems and Processes, Warehousing Technique and Technology, Optimization of Logistics Processes, Supply Chain Management, Production Logistics, Warehousing Logistics.

In addition, the laboratory will be the research facility within the scope of optimization of production processes as well as using the innovative methods supporting the logistics processes. For this reason, it will enable further cooperation of the Faculty with its business surrounding. It is also worth mentioning that the Faculty is the university "power engine" within this scope - it cooperates actively with the region, representatives of the maritime, transport and logistics sectors (just to mention the recent cooperation with Kongsberg Maritime Poland or intensive activities undertaken together with Vitronic and many others).
About the Faculty:

The Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport is an interdisciplinary unit: a cooperation platform for economic and technical sciences focused on logistics and transport issues. Its activities involve research and education of human resources in the area of sustainable, multi-branch logistics and transport systems responding to the needs of broadly understood social and economic environment: opening of the Faculty to cooperation with the market also brings effects in the form of assuring professional apprenticeships to students, exchange of experience and joint project work as well as implementation of ideas in the economic practice. All this supports the development of the educational and scientific potential of the university as well as Szczecin and the region. The graduates, already at the beginning of their professional career, are self-confident and well-prepared specialists.