The theoretical module of the military training in the Academic Legion of the Maritime University of Szczecin has finished. On Saturday, 24 March, 49 participants, including 10 women, took the exam. All of them completed the exam successfully, thus, passing the theoretical part of the military training in the Academic Legion.

Having completed the exam, the legionaries received certificates of successful course completion. The certificates were handed in by the Academic Legion university coordinator: Andrzej Bąk, PhD. Eng. Professor of MUS, the Vice Rector for Maritime Affairs and Maciej Gucma, PhD. Eng., Chief Officer, Professor of MUS. Among the guests, there was also lieutenant Remigiusz Łysik - whom students met during Legion classes, and captain Zbigniew Wiśniewski from the Provincial Military Headquarters in Szczecin.

On the same day, 22 people competed in the second shooting competition of the MUS Academic Legion held at the shooting range in Przecław. The competition results and more information soon.