About 1000 people visited the Maritime University of Szczecin on Monday, 19th February. The open day was an opportunity for presentation of the training and research facilities of the University, getting the future students acquainted with the lecturers and the university space.

The following elements of equipment from workshops and laboratories were made available for the visitors:  

  • 3D printing;
  • Virtual and augmented reality systems; 
  • Drones and UAV drone simulators - an octocopter and a quadrocopter for geodetic use; 
  • techniques of capturing movement and mapping of a human being into the virtual space;
  • three-dimensional laser scanners;
  • geodetic equipment - a robotic total station, a GNSS receiver, hydrographic equipment;
  • the navigation bridge/ARPA system simulator;
  • the radio communication laboratory and the GNDSS simulator;
  • the engine room simulator and laboratory;
  • the inland navigation simulator;
  • the commodity science laboratory;
  • the environmental protection laboratory;
  • the decision system and telematics laboratory;
  • the quick prototyping workshop;
  • the logistics processes automation laboratory.

Moreover - the guests visited Nawigator XXI and met the representatives of the Career Office, learned about the activities and the possibilities of designing their professional careers as well as took part in a competition for the best CV. 

There were also sports attractions – prospective students of MUS had an opportunity to  check on the rowing machines what it is like when you have to depend on the power of your own muscles while being on water. 

The open day was, first of all, the opportunity for the people interested in the educational offer at three MUS faculties to get acquainted with the University and to ask questions about it.

Faculty of Navigation: 
Geodesy and Cartography, 
Computer Science, 
Geoinformatics (graduate/Master programme)

Faculty of Marine Engineering: 
Mechanical Engineering, 

Faculty of Economics and Engineering of Transport: 
Management and Production Engineering, 
(The Faculty offers new specialisations such as the Poland-wise unique: Intelligent Transport Systems).

The visitors came both from Szczecin and the neighbouring towns- including our patronage schools from the Drawski District and the partner Szczecin schools as well as two special Education and Upbringing Facilities from Szczecin: for the Deaf and for Children with Hearing Impairments. These are our special guests for whom we have places available in the field of Computer Studies - where we offer classes interpreted into the sign language. 

There were also those interested who came to Szczecin from outside the region - e.g. from Żagań, Głogów or Gorzów Wielkopolski.