In the period 19-23 February 2018, the fifth session of the Sub -Committee on Navigation, Communication and Search and Rescue (NCSR) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) was held in London.

The representative of Polish delegation in the works of the Sub-Committee was the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Paweł Zalewski, PhD. Eng. Professor of MUS

The NCSR Committee is involved in works concerning resolutions, circulars and guidelines for navigational systems and devices, GMDSS, SAR as well as approval of shipping routes, Transport Separation Schemes (TSS), reporting systems, shipping areas to be avoided and precautionary areas.

The subject matter of the fifth NCSR session included:

  1. establishment of new shipping routes off the coast of Ghana, in the Kattegat Strait, the Torres Strait and the Bering Sea,
  2. updating of the LRIT system,
  3. the use and development of performance standards for the IRNSS satellite navigation system,
  4. development of guidance for harmonised imaging of navigational information received by communication equipment,
  5. development of guidance for the S-Mode of radar and ECDIS equipment,
  6. development of guidance concerning definitions and harmonisation of the format and structure of digital maritime services (Maritime Services, MSP),
  7. modernisation of GMDSS Master Plan,
  8. works connected with implementation of the Polar Code,
  9. replacement of the SART radar with AIS SART,
  10. assessment of the Inmarsat system within GMDSS,
  11. approval of the Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Iridium systems as suppliers of GMDSS services,
  12. the status of the Cospas-Sarsat programme,
  13. presentation of the SafetyNET II service,
  14. updating of the A.810(19) resolution concerning the introduction of the Cospas-Sartsat MEOSAR system,
  15. the principles of AIS EPIRB identification,
  16. a global plan of search and rescue,
  17. harmonisation of maritime and aerial SAR procedures,
  18. updating of the e-navigation implementation plan,
  19. modernisation of the ECDIS system,
  20. conducting of SAR operations in sea areas belonging to the Republic of Crimea occupied by the Russian Federation.

Professor Zalewski participated in the works of the working group for navigation within the scope of points 4), 5), 6), 18).

The Polish delegation during the plenary session of the IMO NCSR Sub-Committee

The Polish delegation during the works of the working group

Professor Paweł Zalewski in front of IMO in London