On 23.02 the annual Szczecin E(x)plory Scientific Festival was held in Technopark Pomerania. The Maritime University was represented by the Scientific Associations of Geodesy and Cartography as well as Marine Hydrography. During presentations, visitors to our stand could get acquainted with flying drones (UAV) and a VideoRay underwater robot. As a part of the educational path, it was possible to get answers to the following questions: What can a drone measure? How to use a drone safely? The presentations demonstrated the possibilities of creating 3D studies with the use of a laser scanner and hydrographic measurements.

The E(x)plory Festival was attended by higher and lower secondary school students from the West Pomerania Province. During the festival, it was also possible to get acquainted with the VR technology and learn about the secrets of chemistry presented by the scientific association of the West Pomeranian University of Technology. In addition, young people could listen to presentations concerning the micro world as well as try to create a hydraulic robotic arm with the "Constructor" Scientific Association of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Grzegorz Stępień