The second meeting in the cycle STEERING FOR CAREER is behind us. In March, an occasion for a meeting was the WOMEN'S DAY and, thus, the guest was Klaudia Skotnica-Filat, Master Mariner and a graduate of the former Higher Maritime School (now Maritime University of Szczecin).

How a woman manages to be in charge of a huge ship and how she reconciles sea work with her private life not resigning from pursuit of her dreams - this is what we were told about by a seawoman with more than ten years of experience, our graduate who has paved the way for many of MUS female students. 

The master mariner shared her experience with male and female students. What does not seem to be important today, but will soon become indispensable on a ship? How to make use of your strengths to outweigh your weaknesses? Is it worth giving up even if we do not meet all the ship operator's requirements? Why do we need to communicate in English? These are only some of the issues mentioned by Klaudia Skotnica-Filat during her speech.

- You do not have an easy way ahead of you - she said. - Especially girls will have to prove that you will manage. Yet, I can assure you this will happen: you will manage.

Steering for career is an initiative where, together with the Career Office of the Maritime University of Szczecin, we would like to inspire you to take action with support of our graduates and show you how to control your life: education, practical training, gaining experience, making choices - both professional and personal ones to take the most of it. Knowledge gained during your studies is just the foundation, but developing of the so called "soft" skills is the necessary supplement.