A pilot programme of a military training for students - the Academic Legion - has been launched at the Maritime University of Szczecin. On Tuesday, 16th January, an open meeting promoting the programme was held by representatives of the Ministry of National Defence, Grzegorz Matyasik and Colonel Remigiusz Żuchowski. 

The programme, consisting of a theoretical and practical part, is a pilot project. It has been joined by about 60 universities from all around Poland.

- Based on the experience gained during theoretical trainings and practical exercises, we would like to develop some system solutions in the future, which will be used for the trainings of the Legion- ensured Grzegorz Matyasik, representing the Ministry of National Defence at the Maritime University. 

The module of theoretical training includes 30 hours divided into six subject areas concerning e.g. basic soldier's conduct, tactics, security and communication. The basic practical training module will last 21 days and finish with an exam as well as obtaining of the rank of a reserve corporal. The non-commissioned officers' training module - is the subsequent stage which also lasts 21 days and finishes with an exam as well as promotion to the rank of a reserve corporal.

- The practical training programme includes shooting practice as well as a training in topography and movement on the battle field - explains lieutenant Remigiusz Łysik, an instructor of the Legion. 

The meeting at the Maritime University of Szczecin was accompanied by presentation of the armament organised and carried out by soldiers of the 12th Mechanised Brigade in Szczecin. Moreover, a battle field simulator - Śnieżnik was also available for the students to practice their shooting skills. 

So far, 56 students joined the MUS Academic Legion - 44 males and 12 females. Until Friday, 19th January, students from MUS and other universities have the opportunity to join this year's group. Details available on the website: www.legia.am.szczecin.pl.