On 6th December, the Maritime University Swimming Championships were held at the university swimming pool. Over 80 students competed in the categories of women and men at the distance of 50 m in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.  

Accompanied by loud cheering from crowds of supporters, the students demonstrated great swimming skills, the races were really exciting and, frequently, only minimum time differences decided about the final result. 

After more than 20 series of races, the best swimmers received medals and prizes handed in by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Zbigniew Szozda.

We would like to thank the students of our University for their participation in the competition and the spectators for their outstanding support. Our congratulations to the competitors for the achieved sport results. 

Here are the results:
50 m freestyle women – 1st place Kinga Jasiczak (31:19), 2nd place Karolina Golus (33:21), 3rd place Wiktoria Wołajtys (34:54) 
50 m backstroke women – 1st place Karolina Golus (39:05), 2nd place Magdalena Rutka (42:13), 3rd place Magdalena Thiel (48:76)
50 m breaststroke women – 1st place Kinga Jasiczak (40:32), 2nd place Katarzyna Pisarek (48:51), 3rd place Sonia Kokoszka (49:84)
50 m freestyle men – 1st place Andrzej Łachacki (26:29), 2nd place Mateusz Nowak (26:35), 3rd place Maciej Krzysztofowicz (26:81)
50 m backstroke men – 1st place Maciej Krzysztofowicz ( 30:05), 2nd place Maciej Roszkowski (32:39), 3rd place Norbert Owczarek (34:38)
50 m breaststroke men – 1st place Bartosz Leszczyński (37:24), 2nd place Jakub Pojasek (37:30), 3rd place Patryk Włochowicz (39:58)