On 22.11.2017, a drone and laser scanner presentation organised on the occasion of the Technology Days was held in the Upper Secondary School Complex in Kalisz Pomorski.

The participants were the students of the Information Technology Secondary School - the patronage class of the Maritime University of Szczecin and the students of invited lower secondary school classes. The presentation involved demonstration of the operation of a laser scanner and Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). A scan of the gymnasium was made and several photos were taken by a drone. A 3D model of the scientific garden of the School in Kalisz Pomorski was also presented, which was developed during the previous, pre-holiday meeting with the IT class. The model was created based on about 500 photos taken in two mutually perpendicular photogrammetric flights (with an inclined camera) and ground photos. Thanks to combination of two clouds of points - ground and air, it was possible to create a three-dimensional visualisation of the garden.

The model is available at: