The 11th edition of the unique event, organised for over 10 years by students of the Maritime University of Szczecin, is over. The 11th Transport and Logistics Symposium "SeaPoint" was held in the period 23-24 November. 
The main theme of this year's meeting was modern solutions in warehousing and transshipments. The conference was divided into three blocks:

  • Block 1. Modern warehouses and logistic centres
  • Block 2. Transshipments and storage in Polish sea ports.
  • Block 3. Innovative solutions in logistics.

The meeting was inaugurated by the authorities of the Maritime University and the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering, the home faculty of the event organisers. - I am very happy that the organisers of the conference are students and the university may support such an interesting initiative, which already has its own tradition. I am really glad to see here the employers - representatives of companies where our graduates will be able to do their work placements and might also work in the future. Such a link between science and business is extremely inspiring and, definitely, is the added value of today's conference - said Agnieszka Deja, PhD. Eng., Vice Rector for Teaching.
The value of the event and its periodicity was also emphasised by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering, Stanisław Iwan, PhD. Eng. Prof. of MUS. - Congratulations to the students for their perseverance and to the university scientific staff for their ability to encourage the young people to be active, to present their achievements on a wider forum - said the Dean.
The conference guests - except for university students, included also secondary school students. Except for theme plenary sessions, the conference participants visited the Dialogue Centre "Przełomy" and the Szczecin port. 

Fot. Wojciech Sobecki,