The "Academic Paper Chase" integration game was organised on Monday, 18th September, at the Maritime University of Szczecin. The participants were foreign students who will soon begin their education in the first year at the Maritime University. 

Students from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Tunisia and Congo have all been learning Polish intensively for several weeks to begin their studies at our university. During their Monday class, they found out they were going to receive some additional tasks. Over 100 students were divided into groups and started the game. A race with time involved collecting eight stamps - each in a different place at the university. 

This atypical "clearance slip" included places which each student will visit at least once during the nearest few years: the Career Office, the Work Placement Department, the Student's Data Personalisation Department, the Foreign Language Department, the Academic Sport Association, the International Students and Mobility Office, the Scholarship Commission room and the MUS Main Library. There were special tasks prepared for students in each department - e.g. they had to score five baskets, translate the word "holownik” into five different languages, list the features of a good CV, fill in a sailor's book… 

The young people became enthusiastically involved in the race and while having a great fun they got to know the university at the same time. On the finishing line, in the main MUS building, the students were greeted by the Vice Rector for Teaching, Agnieszka Deja, Phd. Eng. 

- In this unusual way, through a game, we are getting to know one another - she said, congratulating the students. 

The academic paper chase is an activity addressed to the "freshmen" from abroad  to help them get accustomed to the new environment, find their way through the winding university corridors and get to some important places.