Student Symposium on Logistics and Transport themed "SeaPoint 2015" will be held from 5th to 6th November 2015 at the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering. SeaPoint is an annual event organised by the Student Scientific Society of Logistics and Transport operating at the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering of the Maritime University of Szczecin.
On 2 October 2015 in the Maritime University of Szczecin another (third) meeting of the ESABALT (Enhanced Situational Awareness to Improve Maritime Safety in the Baltic) project took place. The project is carried out by partners from Finland, Sweden and Poland.
In the new university building in Willowa Street, in the Analysis Centre for Fuels, Working Fluids and Environmental Protection, tests will be carried out e.g. for entities who operate machines in the off- and on-shore business as well as companies and institutions working for environmental protection. The tests will improve their knowledge on fuels, oils and other machine operating fluids.
The ESABALT project implemented by the Faculty of Navigation (under Prof. Zbigniew Pietrzykowski) has been granted the flagship project of the EUSBSR - European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and was added to the strategy's Action Plan announced in June.
After a whole year of learning and gathering experience the students decided to ... continue the process also during their summer holidays. Combining pleasure and business they set out to the Greek island of Chios where, within the project MELES-More Entrepreneurial Life at European Schools, they will attend a two-week course on Entrepreneurship.
The jury of the Polish Librarians' Association competition for the most interesting event organised as a part of "The Library Week 2015" programme, awarded prizes to the following libraries
The cyclic international meeting of scientific staff and companies involved in radar issues was held in Dresden in the period 23-26.06.2015. The Maritime University of Szczecin was represented by a large group of scientific staff from the Institute of Geoinformatics: Professor Andrzej Stateczny, Jacek Łubczonek, PhD., Eng., Marta Włodarczyk-Sielicka, Msc and Izabela Bodus-Olkowska, Msc.
27.06.2015 was the World Hydrography Day. The national celebrations were held for the second time in Szczecin. The main theme was: "Oceans, seas and sailing routes - still waiting for complete examination and cartographic compilation".
After an annual interval and winning of the Polish Cup in 2013, the Maritime University of Szczecin crew went back on water to gain further success.
Today, in the main office of Autocomp Management Sp. z  o.o.,  Krzysztof Hładyszewski, the CEO of the company,  and Konrad Frontczak, the CEO of Centrum Innowacji Akademii Morskiej w Szczecinie Sp. z o.o. (MUS Innovation Centre Ltd) signed an agreement on  granting Autocomp three licences for PNDS that encompass applying the system in, inter alia, sea harbours. 
Nomination of the SeaPoint 2014 Symposium in the „Event of the Year” category.
Developed at the Faculty of Navigation and commercially put into operation by Sup4Nav, NAVDEC is a navigational decision support system aimed at solving collision situations at sea. 
A meeting of ASEAN-EU for enhancing cooperation in the scope of marine safety.
"Your university has made a great impression on me" - said Stephen Mull, the Ambassador of the United States of America during his visit to the Maritime University of Szczecin. On the 2nd June 2015 he met with authorities of the University, visited the Green Power Laboratory, European LNG Training Centre and Centre of Marine Traffic Engineering. The programme of his visit involved also talks on marine technologies transfer and cooperation with business sector.
In the period 4th-8th May 2015, a group of 3rd year Computer Science students made a study visit to a partner university - Hochschule Furtwangen University ( in Furtwangen in Schwarzwald, Germany. The students were guests at the Faculty of Computer Science ( As a part of the visit, the students got acquainted with the specifics of education at the university, attended a series of lectures and visited laboratories. They also took part in Job Fair. On the last day, they visited one of leading IT companies - Double Slash (