The Maritime University of Szczecin obtained the EP2504719 European patent “A method and system of navigational decision support in the process of safe vessel navigation” granted by the European Patent Office.

The subject of the patent is the method and system of supporting navigation decisions in the process of safe vessel navigation. 

The creators of the invention are employees of the Faculty of Navigation - a team under the supervision of Professor Zbigniew Pietrzykowski composed of: Piotr Wołejsza, Janusz Magaj, Piotr Borkowski, Jarosław Chomski, Janusz Uriasz, Tadeusz Dziedzic, Marcin Mąka, Witold Kazimierski, Tomasz Szewczuk and Mirosław Wielgosz.

The exclusive rights to the commercial use of the invention belong to Sup4Nav. The patented solution is the basis of NAVDEC system operation. The invention was implemented e.g. on PŻB ferries. 

Details are available on the website:


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