The Sea Dog Prize is awarded annually to praiseworthy graduates and distinguishing students of Maritime University of Szczecin. 

This year, the statue of the Sea Dog in the categories of: the Praiseworthy Graduate and the Person Acting for the Benefit of Maritime Economy went to Michał Czerepaniak - a graduate of Higher Maritime School from 1975. Having completed his maritime practical  training on ships of various types in the Polish Steamship Company as well as on tankers of foreign flags, he obtained subsequent maritime diplomas up to the Master Mariner inclusive.

From 1987, he worked as the head of seamen department of the Maritime Agency and, upon its liquidation, created Polaris Maritme Services in 1991, which he has been running until today together with the Polaris Travels service.

- Polaris Maritime Services is, today, a well-known, independent crewing agency. One of the priorities of its activity is supporting young people beginning their marine careesr, including employment of students of the Maritime University of Szczecin - emphasised Vice Rector for Teaching, Agnieszka Deja, the author of the "Sea Dog" laudation. The prize handed in by the Rector and Minister Marek Gróbarczyk was received, on behalf of the prize winner, by Paweł Kmieciak - head of the crew department of Polaris Maritime Services.

A distinction in the category of: The most active student of the Maritime University of Szczecin was received by Izabela Kamińska from the second year of second cycle studies in the field of Transport. Izabela is the Vice President of the Student Government Board, a member of the MUS Senate and the Faculty Council. She is also a champion of the West Pomerania Province in rowing and a champion in many other sports competitions. - This is how Izabela should be described, taking into consideration only the facts. Nevertheless, I have to add that she is a person with a huge passion who wants to change the world around her for better - said Patryk Franc - the President of MUS Student Government Board, in his laudation.