A plaque commemorating the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the State Marine Fishery School was unveiled in the building of today's Maritime University of Szczecin. The School was located in the building in Wały Chrobrego in the years 1962-67.

The celebration was attended by graduates, invited guests and employees of the State Marine Fishery School - e.g. Professor Aleksander Walczak, who got involved with the school in 1966 after his arrival in Szczecin. The meeting was also honoured with the presence of university authorities: Rector Wojciech Ślączka and Vice Rector for Maritime Affairs, Andrzej Bąk, as well as the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Marek Gróbarczyk. The person in charge of the ceremony - Master Mariner Zbigniew Ferlas, a graduate of the Faculty of Navigation and Fishing of the State Marine Fishery School from 1970, made a presentation about the history of schools educating deep-see fishing navigators and mechanics. He also reminded that e.g. the fisherman's statue standing at the back of Maritime University is connected with this school. - The sculpture, in the times of the State Marine Fishery School, stood in the main hall of the university - he said.

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