A dissemination event consisting of a conference and workshops was the last stage of  MELES project promotion. In total, over 300 people from over 30  countries around the world took part  in three events in Leipzig ,Bialystok and Szczecin!

The meeting at the Maritime University of Szczecin was held in the period 10-11 May 2017.

Except for events organised in the project partners' facilities, there were also two events outside partner universities, i.e. at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and the University of Szczecin, which gathered several tens of participants.

The participants of the events had an opportunity to get acquainted with all partners of the project (Bialystok University of Technology, Leipzig University, University of Aveiro and University of the Aegean), the effect of which are further applications for grants in the area of didactics and research.

During the events, all project parters presented the effects of their joint work, including an e-book being a ready material for people who want to teach Entrepreneurship at their university or in a secondary school. The e-book may be downloaded free of charge from the  project website. Apart from the people from partner institutions, we jointly had several tens of speeches delivered by the invited guests, who made presentations related to entrepreneurship, conducted workshops or participated in discussion panels. Among them, there were also graduates of summer schools, who could share their achievements with others. Some of them have established their own companies and others have attracted investors. There are also active employees of enterprises who are still studying as, among the students, there were both people in their first and last year of studies.

In total, there were over 60 students and 15 teachers participating in the summer schools. During the study visits, with 23 teachers taking part, we had 37 meetings with entrepreneurs, which took place both at universities and in enterprises. Over 500 students took part in Entrepreneurship classes carried out in compliance with the MELES programme. Most of them were in the selective/voluntary mode. Nevertheless, in order to ensure durability of the effects and based on the opinions of the students themselves, the subject was also introduced as a compulsory one.

In this way, the enterprising badger (MELES is badger in Latin), bravely entered universities to shape the entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership and innovation foundations both among students and university staff.