The Maritime University of Szczecin in cooperation with the West Pomerania Teacher Training Centre invited upper secondary school students to take part in the 10th anniversary Geography and Nautology Competition.

The single-stage Geography and Nautology Competition for upper secondary school students was held on 22nd April 2017 in the Professor Łaski auditorium and required knowledge within the scope of the extended curriculum in geography in upper secondary schools as well as basic issues in navigation.
The task of 59 participants was to solve a test consisting of 40 open-ended and single-choice questions within the maximum time of 90 minutes. The competition jury composed of the following members:
  • Jacek Frydecki,  MSc, Master Mariner, Inland Master - the chairman
  • Remigiusz Dzikowski, MSc, Master Mariner - the vice-chairman
  • Anna Anczykowska, MSc, Officer of the Watch
  • Paulina Sobkowicz, MSc, Officer of the Watch
evaluated the works and selected the winners. The winners and the distinguished participants of the competition will receive diplomas and non-cash rewards, which will be handed in in June at the West Pomerania Teacher Training Centre.