One of the events taking place at Maritime University of Szczecin during the 70th anniversary of Maritime Education in West Pomerania was a book launching. The work by Professor Aleksander Walczak - "On the Szczecin School Fairway. Memories of the Maritime School Rector" was lunched on the board of Nawigator XXI.  The event was attended by the professor's friends, his students, graduates and employees of Maritime University as well as people of the sea. Also MUS authorities were present during the event: Vice Rector for Teaching, Agnieszka Deja, PhD, Eng. and Vice Rector for Maritime Affairs, Andrzej Bąk, PhD, Eng., Master Mariner, Professor of MUS.

The godmother of the book was Master Mariner Barbara Kwiecińska, who sprinkled the book with sea water and entrusted it to the sea by throwing a bottle with a fragment of the book and a letter overboard. As the Professor emphasised himself - the book is not a scientific study. - It's a collection of facts and memories which remained in my memory over the years, it's a personal report - said the Professor. In the opinion of the author, the ones who will benefit most from the book are graduates of the maritime school who may find themselves on the pages of the book as well as the lecturers and teachers of maritime schools, who may be inspired by the professor's reflections in their daily work.