Traditionally, during the Day of Maritime University, MUS students - representatives of individual faculties, competed in swimming. This year, except for the Day of Maritime University, we also celebrated the 70th anniversary of Maritime Education in West Pomerania, which additionally made our competition more festive.

There were 5 events held in an entertaining form in the MUS swimming pool, which, nevertheless, required students to demonstrate excellent swimming skills and good motor preparation. The first event was rope towing in water combined with crawl and backstroke. Next, the competitors demonstrated the muscle power of their arms swimming while sitting in a life ring. The third event verified the ability of swimming under water and the fourth was the most spectacular one called the "Deans' Race", which involved carrying of the "Dean" on a chair in water by competitors from each faculty. In this case, as we did not want to risk the university authorities falling into water in their uniforms, we used the images of Deans (we hope they had nothing against it) and, eventually, the first to cross the finish line was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering, Stanisław Iwan. The last competition was towing of a person dressed in an overalls at the distance of 25 metres.

Having summed up the scores, the winner of the Multi-event Swimming Competition 2017 turned out to be the Faculty of Marine Engineering, while the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering and the Faculty of Navigation took the second place obtaining the same number of scores.

At the end of the competition, Rector Wojciech Ślączka handed in the cup for the winning faculty and prizes for all competitors, whom we'd like to thank for their participation and great swimming skills.

We'd also like to give thanks to representatives of our University authorities who provided strong support for their students as well as the spectators gathered in the stands. See you next year!

More about the competition and the picnic on Facebook: AZS AKADEMIA MORSKA W SZCZECINIE