We're pleased to inform that the offer of the Marine Officers' Training Centre of the Maritime University of Szczecin will soon include a new training - within the scope of manoeuvring large vessels and vessels with atypical manoeuvre characteristics.  

The trainings will be conducted on a modern "360 view" simulator being the only one in Poland with such a huge base of vessels with various manoeuvre characteristics. 
The offer is addressed to Master Mariners and Chief Officers who, according to recommendations of sections B-V/a of STCW, before undertaking of their duties on large vessels with atypical manoeuvre features significantly differing from vessels where they have previously served, are supposed to undergo a supplementary training extending their knowledge and skills within this scope.

We would like to invite both companies and individual customers to cooperate with us!

Enrolment and information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel.: +48 91 48 09 716