Secondary School students in Czaplinek, Kalisz Pomorski and Szczecin may use the knowledge and experience of our academic staff. All this is to raise curiosity, share knowledge and impart the skills extending  standard school curriculum.

Classes under the auspices of the Maritime University of Szczecin have been established in the General Education School Complexes in Czaplinek and Kalisz Pomorski.

- Setting up such classes is an opportunity to make students interested in geoinformatics and the possibilities of hydrography as well as maritime issues - says Grzegorz Stępień, PhD, the coordinator of the "Metiri" Scientific Association of Geodesy and Cartograpy of MUS conducting classes for secondary school students from Czaplinek and Kalisz.

For several months now, the students have been participating in lectures given in these schools by the MUS academics. Once agreements have been signed, students will also be able to visit the University.

- The project of creating patronage classes referring to our maritime university emerged from a dream about establishing a maritime technical secondary school in our district  - reveals Stanisław Kuczyński, the Drawski District Administrator. - Once analysis had been conducted, it turned out that the establishment of a school like this would involve a long process and the costs would exceed our possibilities. However, when the Maritime University of Szczecin took an active part in the exploration and historical event named "Lake of Mysteries", new inspirations and perspectives appeared - he adds.

The schools in Czaplinek and Kalisz Pomorski are not the only places where MUS academics  share their knowledge. Also the Szczecin SCI Information Technology Technical Secondary School will use the potential of our scientists. An agreement between the school and our University was signed on Monday, 20th March, by Alicja Kwiatek,  the School Principal and Wojciech Ślączka, the Rector.

SCI School hosts the academic staff of the Maritime University to conduct classes in Information Technology and mathematics. They raise curiosity in the youth by showing them solutions based on the latest technologies and preparing them to undertake studies. - The staff is a huge added value to our school - assures Alicja Kwiatek. - We focus on gaining practical programming skills and cooperation with university teachers enables us to achieve these objectives - she adds.

Graduates of patronage classes in general and technical secondary schools have already had their first contact with the university. Knowledge of the subject matter and characteristics of individual fields of study will help them make decisions concerning their future.