On Thursday, 23rd March, we signed a cooperation agreement as a part of the „Lake of Mysteries” action initiated and carried out in the Drawski District.

The idea to explore one of the deepest Polish lakes, the history of which is shrouded in legend, emerged in Drawski District. The event was  named “Lake of Mysteries” and the Maritime University of Szczecin has been involved in it almost from the very beginning.

The University employees and students, have conducted tests on water, land, under water and in the air. So far the tests have been carried out by students from scientific associations of geodesy and cartography as well as hydrography supervised by the MUS academic staff. Their activities have enabled e.g. detailed examination of the bottom of two lake bays, which, in turn, led to further examination carried out there. Our youth have also had an opportunity to conduct a series of drone flights and measurements, which resulted in creation of 3D models of historical buildings.

- For our students, this work is not only a great adventure, but also honing of their practical skills on a real “training ground” – points out the Rector of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Wojciech Ślączka.

What has been taken out of the Drawskie Lake so far? Among other things, a medieval dugout and an axe estimated to be 7 thousand years old. The lake is examined piece by piece and the subsequent stages are supposed to verify the old legends about the area. Recently, the thesis concerning the plans of running the German Berlin - Koenigsberg motorway through the lake has been confirmed as some traces have been found, indicating preparation of the northern end of the lake for such a construction. Soon, further teams will examine the subject in detail.

The Drawskie Lake is the second deepest lake in Poland – so far only a little piece of the mysteries hidden in the lake has been discovered. – The support of the Maritime University of Szczecin for the event is of great significance – assured Stanisław Kuczyński, the Administrator of the Drawski District.