On the first of February this year, Łukasz Nozdrzykowski, PhD, Eng, and Magdalena Nozdrzykowska, MSc, the IT specialists from the Institute of Marine Technologies of the Maritime University of Szczecin, visited two schools in our province. 
They prepared special classes for students of the Upper Secondary School Complexes in Kalisz Pomorski and Czaplinek which are supposed to develop their passion for IT as well as show them what university classes might look like.

The subject was modelling 3D virtual world by means of Blender software. This is one of many classes prepared and carried out as a part of educational offer for upper secondary school students.

Our representatives received a warm welcome from the youth in Kalisz and Czaplinek and the subject of 3D modelling enjoyed huge interest of the students. There is a chance that their curiosity will make them take on IT related fields of study.